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• Item number : 2ALLO0012
• Price per liter: £102.50/liter

150 organic cotton strips for waxing, sepcially designed to be soft on the skin and to give the most natural oriental wax or resin wax possible. 100% cotton, without chemical treatment.

Product Features:

These cotton strips have been specially designed to be used with the Oriental Fluid Wax to give you optimum hair removal. Their flexibility reduces pain and risk of redness and irritation.

- 100% natural ingredients without chemical treatment

- Washable and can be used for several applications

Ingredients: 100% cotton.

Contains: 150 cotton strips


- Dermatologically tested

User Guidelines:

Apply flat onto the areas already covered with the wax, pressing down firmly in the direction of hair growth. Remove quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

About Allo'Nature:

Allo'Nature offers a complete range of exceptional and certified care products, but also specifically for skin preparation and care.

Allo'Nature products are innovative and are strictly controlled, free from animal testing, have no excessive packaging and meet Cosmébio quality criterias as well as being certified by Ecocert.

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