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• Item number : 1ALLE0010

Pillow Cover 45 x 70 cm. A natural barrier against allergens!

Product Features:

. Full cover form 45 x 70 cm

. Prevents dust mite allergens coming in contact with the allergic sleeper, ensuring comfort and well-being
. Washable at 60°C
. Evaporates efficiently moisture and water vapor (transpiration), air flows easily for a healthy bedding!
. Without treatment: only the non-woven material is a natural barrier against allergens to prevent any risk of allergies due to dust mites

. Micro-breathable: allows breathability and ventilation

. Non-woven 100% natural, hypoallergenic and durable

. Implementation and easy unwrapping zip- width with overhang on one side

. Elasticated corners, taped or hemmed edges

. 100% Microfiber multilayer polypropylene
. Weaving 100% brushed cotton on the two sides

Dimensions: 45 x 70 cm


User Guideline:

. Easy care: washable up to 95°C (60°C for treated articles) and drying machine

About Allergo Stop:

Allergo Stop offers efficient anti-allergy products made from 100% natural materials. Allergo Stop's range of bedding protection is designed to protect your mattress, duvet and pillows.

The brand, created by the Sweetco Group, provides high-quality solutions for a pure and healthy nights sleep!

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